Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 12, 2013 Union Township Sustainability Committee Meeting

Union Township Sustainability Committee Meeting

Meeting called to order at 4:05pm 2/12/13

1. Sam Fiani recommended this committee invite a member of the CMU Student Government Association (SGA) Sustainability Committee to join the Union Township Sustainability Committee as a means to developing more recycling partnerships between the township and the University. Recommendation approved by voice vote of committee members present.

2. Sam reported on the January 17, 2013 Isabella County MRF Board meeting she attended.

     a. 556 petition signatures asking for more apartment recycling options were presented to the board

     b. MRF board asked for creative ideas on how to provide the service

3. This committee asked Woody to ask Rick McGuirk for creative recycling idea input when he meets Rick at the next Planning Commission meeting.

4. MRF board meeting schedule changed to quarterly; next meeting in April

5. Burning Ban Law

       a. The new Michigan outdoor burning law went into effect in Oct 2012.

       b. Does not restrict BBQ or cooking food outside

      c. Does ban burning trash, specifically plastic, rubber, foam, treated wood, electronics, chemicals and hazardous materials.

4. Committee recommended the Township post in the lobby informational brochures on the new law; Mike L. will research availability of brochures from the State of Michigan.

5. Community Garden

     a. Phil M. reported the harvest last season was successful; and that the deer repellant sprays worked once it was applied.

     b. Brian S. said staff will prepare a spray schedule and follow up after rain fall to re-apply.

     c. Laura C. stated that human hair cuttings also make good deer repellant.

     d. An invitation to participate in this coming season’s garden will be created and distributed, and posted on our website.

6. Other

Laura reported the Food Co-op will be hosting a plant & herb swap this June.

Meeting adjourned at 5pm

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