Wednesday, March 9, 2011


APRIL 8, 2011 7am
Members present: Mike Lyons, Savich Chowdhary, Phil Mikus, Also present: Brian Smith, Woody Woodruff, Brent Ebright, John Barker
• Received a report of the Multi Family Pilot Project progress, from Brent Ebright, Isabella County MRF Manager.
o An apartment complex on Deerfield Road may be the pilot location, with a projected start date of no later than September 1, 2011, Funds for the roll off containers from 2% money.
o Roll offs may also be used for ball field special events, such as tournaments
• Reviewed the status of the Brine Agreement with Isabella County Road Commission.
o Mikus reported Mi Chloride Sales does not use oil well brine for Isabella County, according to its owner. MCS uses brine from a mile deep well in east Gratiot County.
o Lyons asked why ICRC has a permit to apply oil well brine.
• Reviewed the Committee goals developed at the February meeting (posted below). Discussion on certain items followed:
o Re: item iii – refer to Parks and Recreation Committee
o Re: item v – the upcoming multi-family pilot will be a good subject for an Intern project.
o RE: item vi – recommendation is to refer that to a contractor when funding is available and approved by Board of Trustees
o Item added: implement at least one community garden this coming season
• Discussed the pros and cons of converting diesel fuel fleet vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Barker stated that this kind of thing could be a joint project with maybe the city, county, tribe and university.
• Adjourn @ 8:10pm
Committee Goals for 2011, as presented by committee members at Feb 8, 2011 meeting:
• Establish a speaker series or promote Great Lakes Sustainability Institute program
• Install a proper sign in front of the three wind generators at the township hall
• Create a recycling collection program for township sports fields
• Provide a “Sustainability Information Kiosk” in the lobby of the township hall
• Prepare a report on the impact the curbside recycling program is having on waste diversion
• Create and implement a written “sustainability plan” for all township facilities, include energy use, recycling collection for example.
• Discuss with County Recycling Manager the possible ways to add businesses and commercial sites on the recycling collection routes
“The mission of the Union Township Sustainability Committee shall be to provide recommendations and advice to the Union Township Board of Trustees on activities that will assure the environmental, fiscal and social sustainability of the Township.”
Charter Township of Union Sustainability Committee