Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010 Charter Township of Union Sustainability Committee Meeting Report



Committee Members Present: Mike Lyon, Tom Rohrer, David Burdett, Sarvjit Chowdhary , Phil Mikus
Also present: Brian Smith, Township Manager; Woody Woodruff, Township Zoning Official

Meeting called to order at 7:05am by Committee Chair Phil Mikus

Mr. Woodruff described the draft Township Master Plan section by section.

Mr. Rohrer recommended the Board promote the slowing of the conversion of farm land to residential use and promote infill methods to preserve existing farm land. He also stated that Bluegrass Road is an excellent target for infill planning which would create “a nice community”.

Mr. Burdett recommended the Board continue the productive collaboration discussions it has had with local units of government and local institutions.

Mr. Lyon recommended the Board promote incentives for home owners to get tax credits for geothermal heating as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels or other alternate energy sources.

Mr. Chowdhary recommended the Board consider the “immediate need” to install sidewalks along Bluegrass, Isabella and Deerfield Roads.

The Charter Township of Union Sustainability Committee conditionally recommends the Board adopt the 2010 Master Plan as presented and that the Board consider the recommendations as set forth above.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15am

Respectfully submitted,
Phil Mikus
Sustainability Committee Chair

“The mission of the Union Township Sustainability Committee shall be to provide recommendations and advice to the Union Township Board of Trustees on activities that will assure the environmental, fiscal and social sustainability of the Township.”