Monday, September 20, 2010


TUESDAY, SEPT 14, 2010 7AM
Present: David Burdett, Sarvjit Chowdhary, Mike Lyon, Phil Mikus.
Also present: Brian Smith, Wood Woodruff
Review update of Wind Turbine project
Progress of installation - Woodruff reported: Block Electric has foundation curing kit ready to place; the Windwire foundation is curing ok; the Net Metering application with Consumers Energy has been approved; Anemometers to collect wind speed and other meteorological data will be wireless (this devise will be ideal for collection of solar potential of the site.)
Progress of educational pieces- Woodruff reported it is in the works
Update on how to push the student demand for multi-family recycling- Burdett reported he plans to meet with Deerfield road apartment owners to discuss that potential.
Review previously suggested topics and ideas to prioritize for future activity – Chairman Mikus tabled to next meeting to allow him time to prepare review document.
Discuss general sustainability education links for Union Township Web page – Mikus reported he has contacts at CMU for possible interns to prepare web alternatives. Smith welcomed the idea. Mikus will follow through with goal.
Township board Policy Governance management strategy – Mikus and Smith provided a brief overview of Policy Governance and the Boards progress in implementing the strategy.
Other -
1. Smith and Burdett stated the planned repair of Deerfield Road is an opportunity for Union Township and CMU to work together to provide pedestrian and bicycle paths. Burdett pledged CMU's participation in future discussions of the topic. Those paths could link to the larger regional pathways program.
2. Woodruff stated the Township Mowing and Noxious Weed ordinance has features that are counter to Sustainability Standards and will ask this committee for recommendations in the future. (An example of a “sustainable compromise” is to allow mowing only the border of large lawns/fields.)
3. Smith reported he and Woodruff will attend and speak at a Biomass meeting to be held at the Clyde Taylor farm in an adjoining township.
4. Woodruff reported the Energy Audit is complete and posted on the township web site.
5. Woodruff handed out copies of the Grand Rapids Sustainability Plan. Committee members were asked to review and bring comments and questions regarding possible application in Union Township to next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 8am.
Submitted by Phil Mikus.