Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2010 Minutes

Agenda Items -Education portion of Grant, Apt Recycling
Chair Mikus opened meeting at 7:05 am
Present: Burdett, Rohrer, Lyons, Moscardelli, Mikus, Woodruff

• Locations- Twp Hall roof and water towers,
• using Windspire data from the water plant installation (non-grant) in our research would be good spot,
• Why Anemometers- verify mfg data, units will give wind data, but go off production to provide it, Accuracy is better as sand alone.
Other issues for Wind Project
• shadows and
• noise, use Db meter to plot noise vs. wind speed,
• soft and grand openings. Windspire product will not be online as fast as Skystream.
• Signage- look for samples, deadline for opening 6-8 weeks get interns or next gen of them sustainable signage. Check with Windwire for examples, can use CMU logo, check sign ordinance for some road readable signs. Info signs like State Parks use are about $200 each plus installation, develop green logo, understandable data, ROI (Return on Investment), Check with CMU (new Education bldg signs)
• support for student assistant over 15 week term, 4 hrs per week, new Stonehenge info.
• Earth Education park- Seasons and the Sun Path, Can be separate grant or tie into the educational component of the energy grant, however, much of the energy conservation measures maybe underfunded

Methods to encourage apt recycling-
• Codification,
• work with owners, recycling is market-able feature, money savings to owners
• review stakeholder opinions,
• student side demand
• partner with WalMart or other business.

Adjourned at the call of the chair at 8:00 am