Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 9, 2010 Sustainability Committee Meeting

Present; Phil Mikus (chair), Woody Woodruff (Secretary), David Burdett, Tom Rohrer, Sharon Wade-Ellis, Mike Lyon, Casey Collings.

Discussion on Area and Regional sustainability groups and the benefits of partnering. Middle MMDC (Middle Michigan Development Corporation) and Vision 20/20 are possible partners. Members agreed that a mission statement is essential to guide the committee and that a list of goals should support the Mission Statement. The following were submitted by email for a working document to be reviewed, edited and expanded over the next month.
Mission Statement submitted by Tom Rohrer:

“The mission of the Union Township Sustainability Committee shall be to provide recommendations and advice to the Union Township Board of Trustees on activities that will assure the environmental, fiscal and social sustainability of the Township.”

Goals Submitted by Phil Mikus:
The Citizens Sustainability Committee Goals
Provide recommendation and advice to the Charter Township of Union Board of Trustees on sustainability issues involving environmental, economic and social concerns leading to an improved quality of life for all citizens of the Charter Township of Union, Isabella County, Michigan.
Specific areas of attention the Sustainability Committee shall address include:
• Implementation of The Michigan Green Community Challenge in Union Township
• Development of a Regional Strategic Growth plan that matches Union Township assets and visions with assets and vision of the rest of the region.
• Examining current and future energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and building growth of the facilities of the township
• Implementation and reporting of the Energy Audit and Wind Study Grant from the Federal Government
• Development of a comprehensive plan to reduce energy use and utility costs in the future
• Development of an action plan, to include target dates, goals, actions and mechanisms for tracking progress of the Charter Township of Union
• Implementation of a street side recycling collection program for single family homes in Union Township
• Implementation of a recycling service plan for multi-family apartment buildings
• Incentives for commercial and industrial recycling in the township
• Investigate establishment of specific partnerships with Vision 20/20 or Council of Governments to create an Isabella County Sustainability Partnership Group
• Maintain involvement of the private sector in the Township Citizens Sustainability Committee
• Work toward the development of bike trails that link local commerce and parks to existing and future state wide trails
• Presentation of informational and educational meetings and workshops open to all citizens of the township.
• Seek grant and funding opportunities that promote sustainability.