Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Community Survey Approved

On August 12th, the Charter Township of Union Board of Trustees unanimously approved an agreement with Central Michigan University for a community survey. The instrument will be designed by the Center for Rural Research and Studies (CARRS). The CARRS program offers the university's resources and expertise in a wide variety of topic to units of government and non-profits. Input to the survey will come from a broad spectrum of township sources in addition to the township board, including the planning commission, a yet to be named planning consultant working on the Master Plan, the Parks and Recreation Committee, and our Sustainability Committee. The project will also utilise students form the CMU Honors Program for interviewing, and data analysis.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Agenda Items for August 10, 7 am Sustainability Committee

· CARRS study update see http://www.uniontownshipmi.com/images/pdf_service/Survey%20Info.pdf
· Curbside Recycling Update
· Sponsor a Global Warming Event with John Sinclair.
· Open Discussion on topics of interest to members