Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recycling Services the County could provide Union Township

The collection cost per household would be $15 to $17 per year per household (including duplexes).
A collection truck will need to be procured by the County. The current truck and crew is operating full time providing services to six township, village and tribal communities.
The current recycling truck is used five days a week in six areas providing bi-weekly (every other week) service. The areas are: Rolland Twp, Deerfield Twp, Lincoln Twp, Village of Shepherd, Village of Lake Isabella, and Tribal area. Total homes approx 4100. That truck as was paid for with a 2% grant from the SCIT.
Union Township has approximately 2200 single family homes. A new truck would be used half time if used for bi-weekly pick up; more if multi family units were included.
The capital expense for a truck and curbside/roadside tubs is estimated to be $120,000 for the truck and $11,000 for approximately 2200 tubs., The expense for multi family EZ Recycler collection bins (to be placed near trash dumpsters) for apartment complexes.
The collection cost for apartments has not been determined.
Other financing options for truck purchase include, but may not be limited to:
1. Township millage
2. Township paying from the general fund balance
3. County purchase and roll the cost into the per HH price
4. Two percent request (many tribal members live in Union Township).
Premliminary discussions about funding have been held with Tribal Council representatives.