Thursday, April 16, 2009

Township, City, County, MDOT, CMU, MMCC Meet to Discuss Non-Motorized Plan

April 16, 2009
Mt Pleasant MDOT TSC

Union Township supervisor John Barker met with local leaders and staff planners to discuss the area's non motorized pathways,  links for walking and biking.  The meeting served to identify existing paths and conditions, areas of generation and destination, and specific arterial, feeder and local routes.  The planning session also considered connection of two regional trails, part of a state-wide network that would place Mt Pleasant as a destination from both the north and southwest.
This session follows a strategic planning meeting conducted just over a year ago.  A room of over 50 local and regional leaders and planners identified area needs and goals in February of 2008.  The most recent session put markers to maps and roughed in a 7 phase plan to tie CMU and MMCC campuses, Casino, Shopping areas, High Density residential complexes, existing park trails, and gateways to incoming regional trails.
County Commissioner Bill Daley pointed to recent trends in economic development that have identified bikeable and walkable communities as a key factor in attracting and retaining business in the new economy.    Woody Woodruff added that this is also a component in the Michigan Townships Association's Seven Pillars of Prosperity, a Plan For Economic Recovery.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

March 10, 09 Minutes

Charter Township of UnionSustainability Task Force Minutes
March 10, 2009, 7 am meeting called to order
Introduced new member Sharon Wade-Ellis. All present except Burdett and Henley
Old Business
· Appointed Phil Mikus as Chair, Woody Woodruff as Secretary
· Discussed purpose of task force as community focused, not internal focus
· Rick McGuirk announced Vision 20/20 was interested in helping with a community survey and Mary Senter of CARRS would be at next meeting, Betty Wagner would liaisons with her.

New Business
SWOT analysis
· Strengths; MRF, new Wind Energy Ordinance, ICTC, DDA, park facilities
· Weaknesses; No curb recycling, tennis courts not utilized at McDonald Park, recycling not convenient especially for elderly and poor, no sidewalk requirements, Biking not safe,
· Opportunities; Music programs in parks, join with city in park programs and connectivity, DDA plan amendments, Mixed Use and PUDs
· Threats; No sense of Place/Community, build outs not sustainable for non motorized users
Groups Formed
Environmental – Jo Theunissen, Mike Lyons, Sharon Wade-Ellis
Social - Casey Collings, Betty Wagner, Rick McGuirk
Economic – Phil Mikus, Sarvjit Chowdhary, David Burdett

Next Meeting – April 14, 09 7 am

Adjournment – 8 am