Friday, March 6, 2009

Rethinking Sustainability and Governance Post

I read again my earlier post entitled Sustainability and Governance. I believe all the issues raised therein are valid.  However, most of those issues are best addressed by Township staff and administration.  
This committee is about the task of suggesting policy that results in sustainability throughout the entire community, our community.   How we do business as a governmental unit maybe a bullet in a bigger list, but it is not the scope of this endeavor.

March 10 Meeting Agenda

  • Open meeting at 7am, 3/10/09 at Union Township Hall, 2010 S Lincoln Rd
  • Elect committee Chair and Secretary (5 min)
  • Discussion of SWOT analysis assignment (10 min)
  • Clarify expectations, Set Goals, (including type of output, time frame) (15 min)
  • Form Sub Committees; Social, Economic, Environmental, include team to address Grant opportunity in Alternative Energy (See ) (15 Min)
  • Breakout Sub Committees,  chat and set up mid month meeting (remaining time)
  • Adjourn breakout at 8pm